Thursday, May 28, 2009

New photoblog

Hi y'all...I feel as if I've not blogged for ages. Due to time constraint and lack of ideas, this blog was on hiatus for the past week. Anyhow, since my left brain isn't communicating well with my right brain, I've opened up a new photoblog (previous one sudah delete liao). I will update this blog regularly with some of my crappy shoots for the week. Do visit me and pen down some comments ya. I'm still building it (and unfamiliar with wordpress) so please bear with me.


Anonymous said...

woots! Lagi satu sudah join gua punya gang at wordpress. LMAO... how are ya, bro? me here busy macam lembu! Wud a year!

eugene said...

sure will check it out there

Calvin Soo KJ said...

clef, here's the same. you lembu, i kerbau :P

eugene, thanks bro. cheers :)