Monday, May 25, 2009

Ms Pahang Tourism Pageant 2009

Derrick (a photog buddy) invited me for a photoshoot session at the Ms Pahang Tourism Pageant 2009, held in MS Garden Hotel Kuantan last night. This was my first experience attending a pageant and I wasn't sure on the do's and dont's. To kick off...the sound system was pretty bad. The MCs were shouting instead of talking, the entertainment sucked...a group of Korean pop boy band wannabes dancing out of rythm, two singer cum comedians....they're clowns to me. But I did quite enjoy the oldies couple dancing tango and waltz.
Besides all these crappy craps, the photo session was good. It was kinda tiring though, having to stand up and kneel most of the time. Ok.....enuff of the bragging and enjoy my shoots. More in my flickr album.








Shinky said...

Boss. Backdrop kind of dark eh? Poor organiser? Or under budget? :P

But the girls are sweets~ ^.^

Calvin Soo KJ said...

@shinky, you mean the last photo? it is from the entrance, supposed to be dark. it was taken before she went on stage. :)

Shinky said...

No I meant overall. Not bright enough. Maybe I'm rabun ayam already. :P

Anonymous said...

when i see the pictures,
i am very disappointed.
wat happened? to all the beauties in malaysia?

nowadays. only baboons go for pageant contest, those who really pretty ones, all lost already.

Calvin Soo KJ said...

@shinky, the whole event was quite badly organized. there is only one blardy huge spotlight on stage and people running here and there. summore, they serve alcohol....cannot imagine us Chinese people mabuk at an event like this. hmmm....looks like i have to do more pp on the pictures i took. no, you no rabun

@garfield, bad lar you call them babboons. they are only gorillas ma....hahahahaha. there are only a handful pretty ones. the ones posted here are the normal ones except for the reigning ms malaysia tourism 2008 (last pic)...real life, she's one hottie. maybe the way i took the picture not neways, go check out my flickr to view the pretty ones. cheers :)

Anonymous said...

when's the perak pageant (if there is one) IPOH girls! lol. this one.... XD

Anonymous said...

gorillas is more worse than a baboon ler.
at least baboons size is smaller than gorillas.

i think they are baboons, not gorillas, since their body size do not looks like arnold schwarzenegger.

Chris said...

one of them is my fren's sister, but i dunno which 1.

suituapui said...

Aiyor... Eyew!!! LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Alamak! the last girl reminds me of an ah kua la. =.= how come can liddat? Her make up too thick la... =.=

Calvin Soo KJ said...

@wayeyoung, ipoh mali gals are so much better, that's for sure...hahahaha

@garfield, some gorilla la...coz taller than

@chris, oh really. why not go check it out :)

@stp, eyew?? that bad huh?? :P

@clef, could be my bad shooting *grins* she's really not that bad in real life. she's actually the reigning ms malaysia/pahang tourism 2009. not some ah kua...lolz

Anonymous said...

Not ur bad shooting lah. =.= I saw some ah kua look like her wan, u kno? Common face for ah kua. I think ah, those ah kua oredi got do plastic surgery! That is why they look like her!

Anonymous said...

do you have capture when tat group dancing korean dance???

yoon see said...

I like the 1st and 2nd photos:)

Pete said...

Mmmm, too much make up...prefer natural beauty! LOL

Anonymous said...

Harlo~~Do you have capture any photo when tat group dancing korean dance???