Sunday, December 14, 2008

Shopping and now....I'm practically broke!!!

I am back from KL....yeahoo!!!!!
I was in KL from Thursday till Saturday last week, and officially broke having spent almost RM4K on food, clothings and unneccessary stuff. We stayed in The Legend Hotel, Jalan Duta (beside the Mall). My bro in law was kind enuff to give me a 75% discount voucher from his membership, but I still had to fork out RM172-50 for the night's stay. The Legend Hotel was kinda weird. Their parking bay is located on levels 5-8, whilst their lobby is at level 9. The services rendered by the hotel's staff was ok though. Needless to say that shopping in the Mall was crappy. There were hardly any patrons. I was wondering how on earth could the shops survive this long.
The Legend Hotel is supposedly a 5 star hotel, but the rooms were a tad boring. There were normal amenities but wi-fi was not included. Their sofa was suprisingly comfy. We offered mom a bed to herself (although she volunteered to sleep on the sofa, what kinda son would allow his mom to sleep on the couch??) and I shared with Rachel. Luckily the beds were super single, otherwise I would find myself kicked over by Rach....hahaha

The room was kinda long.............

Shopping for day 1 was at Midvalley Megamall. We had our late lunch (about 2.30pm) at Shihlin Taiwan Street Snack. Rach had the Oyster Mi always. Mom and I had their Crispy Chicken Ricebox Set. We also ordered their Crispy Chicken Floss as a side dish.

Oyster Mi Sua

Crispy Chicken Floss

Crispy Chicken Ricebox Set.

I managed to take some snapshots of Midvalley's Christmas decorations.

I did not take much photos as my camera bag was giving me some shoulder sore. Rachel advised me to take only one lens but clever me took the whole lot and I ended up carrying a load of 2kg. It wasn't heavy at first but after wlaking around with shopping bags, even a mule would drop down dead. We took the KTM from Midvalley to KL Central/KLCC in the evening. Ate there and took a cab back to the hotel.
We headed over to Sunway the next day...had Haagen Dazs.

......................more crappy pictures to come.


Anonymous said...

Oyster mee sua?...Sounds interesting! Must try and cook one of these days. They used canned ousters or fresh ones?...Wah! RM4K in just a few one year income not enough!!! LOL!!! Legend old hotel...and I don't like the location. Would rather stay in cheaper smaller hotels like Bintang Warisan, Bukit Bintang...or Cititel Mid Valley.

Anonymous said...

The food looks good. I pass by this eatery last week when I was in mid-valley but didn't try it.

peteformation said...

4k, looks like you guys bought lots of stuff.

Josephine said...

wah, 4k.
Your father owns money printing factory ar?
Just joking.

4k from Thursday to Saturday, that is a lot man.
You spent most on what? An item
? or food?

eugene said...

Kudos,we need hundred upon hundred of Calvins in time such like this to stimulate the economy.

Now my bro,i really have different perspective about you lioa, i know now that you are rich, i shall know later that you are stil rich. hahah

anway,if the money well spent, then it is all worthwhile,and i am sure you did buy something nice for Rachel, otherwise i will pancung you punya kepala...

Calvin Soo KJ said...

stp, for me the mi sua is just so-so. the crispy chicken is a must try.

chrisau, you should try the crispy chicken. quite big for rm8-90. furthermore, its boneless. you can gobble it all up in one go....hehehehe

pete, yeah. lots....can only do that once a year lor. if every month spend like that, even bnm would go bankrupt... :)

josephine, i wish...hahahaha. i spend a lot on clothes especially on rachel. her baju all very dull and shabby. bought some stuff from ikea as well.....and some christmas presents. i didnt save on makan2. treat my mom once in a while lor...

Anonymous said...

=.= I'll literally kill to be in those two woman's place! LOL... your mom and Rachel is the luckiest woman alive!

Eh, on Legend Hotel... I used to stay there when i was a little girl. And i have to say, their food are mediocre. :-( So much for a five star hotel!

Chris said...

wow! spent that much??

amoker said...

Calvin, fathom that you are not from KL.

Well, Legend hotel evokes the passing of a great thing. So, guess that the room shows. The one in PD is new, and have jacuzzi. Room is bigger ... The chinese food is halal and not bad.

Nice shots of the food. Now, i am all hungry. I had some great mee sua in Taiwan where we have to que beside the road. The chap then slaps the mee sua into a bowl and you slurp while standing.

Chong said...

Eh.. I think you can get cheaper rates at Cititel Hotel.

Calvin Soo KJ said...

eugene, was well spent. i dont spend unneccessarily unless i need to. ive kept my savings till year end for this.

clef, one being a son and another a husband, it's my duty lor. this is not an everyday event. the legend was actually not so bad. but i expected more from them. will be my last visit this time.

chris, once a year shopping. next year cannot d :P

amoker, ive been to their pd one. also so-so only for me, but it was much better than this. the mi sua in one utama is much smaller. some may have to stand as well. they are trying to imitate the one in taiwan, i guess. but with loads of shopping to do, id prefer to be seated :)

chong, ive checked before with cititell but was fully booked. unless, if i were to fork out an additional 400 bucks for their luxury suite, which i think would be a waste for a one night's stay. id rather go shopping and eat better food. next stop, i wanna try mandarin oriental. my friend was saying, their service and rooms were excellent. :)

Raynebow said...

Wahhh... so u went on a shopping spree in KL! Spent 4K - some people must be getting some really nice christmas gifts wor! ;-)

Calvin Soo KJ said...

raynebow, mostly not for me...hehehe. this is only an annual event. save like crazy from january and go broke by december....sounds like dejavu

Mei-Wah said...

mid valley's xmas deco are nice~ sweet! what did you bought? show to your readers~ :)

an advance merry christmas wish to you, calvin & rachel!may you have a joyous celebration~