Monday, December 1, 2008

Mr Bean's Ol jokes

I was on hiatus last week due to the lack of time. I attended one of my friend's wedding last Friday. He was our vocalist to be exact. It was hectic. We had to assist the sound engineer, Ah Lau to unload all the speakers and amplifiers from his lorry and into the stairs. And also helped him to load the stuff back into the lorry at night after the wedding. *Sigh* My hands were feeling a lil numb after that. Sorry guys, no photos this time. Rachel and I were busy eating, and I was playing in the band that night. I also forgot to bring along my camera, a total waste. Anyways, I received some of Mr Bean's ol jokes and wanna share it with you guys...damn!! my posts are getting more and more boring nowadays. Got to get some inspiration this week.
1. Mr Bean goes to see the doctor
Doctor : Regret to inform you that you have a brain tumor.
Mr Bean : YESS !!! (jumping for joy)
Doctor : Did you understand what I just told you?
Mr Bean : Yes, of course. Do you think I'm dumb??
Doctor : Then, why are you so happy?
Mr Bean : Because, that proves that I have a brain!!
2. Mr Bean while in grade school
Teacher : What is 4 plus 5
Mr Bean : 9
Teacher : What is 5 plus 4
Mr Bean : Are you trying to fool me, you've just twisted to figure....the answer is 6
3. Mr Bean in a drug store
Mr Bean : I'd like some vitamins for my grandson.
Clerk : Sure. Vitamin A, B or C ?
Mr Bean : Any will do. My grandson doesnt know the alphabet yet!!
4. Mr Bean at an ATM machine
Friend : What are you looking at?
Mr Bean : I know your pin number...he..he..
Friend : Okay. What is my pin number, if you've saw it?
Mr Bean : Six asterisks (******)!!
5. Mr Bean on marriage
Friend : How many women, in your opinion does a man need to marry?
Mr Bean : 16
Friend : Why?
Mr Bean : Because the priest say 4 richer, 4 poorer, 4 better and 4 worse.
6. Mr Bean chatting with his friend
Friend : How was the tape that you've borrowed from me, was it ok?
Mr Bean : What do you mean ok. I thought it was a horror movie. I didnt see any picture.
Friend : Which tape that you took anyway?
Mr Bean : Head cleaner.
7. Mr Bean's mother passed away
Mr Bean : (crying)...The doctor called. Mom's dead!!
Friend : Sorry to hear about that. My condolences.
(after 2 minutes Mr Bean crying even louder)
Friend : What now?
Mr Bean : My sister just called. Her mom's dead too!!


GregChai said...

very funny, thanks for sharing :)

i love joke no. 5

cleffairy said...

OMG... Mr. bean so retarded. LMAO... this one actually made my day! Ahahaha... thanks for sharing, Calvin.

Calvin Soo KJ said...

greg, were you praying if it were true?...hahahaha. got one wife also so much things to do....16? i'll commit suicide already. lol

clef, that was fast. just post it wor...hehehehe. anyways, im back from my hiatus state. :)

Kikey Loo said...

haha... i like the joke.. thanks.:D

eunice said...

lol!! funny n lame hahaha

suituapui said...

Sounds like those Ah Beng jokes.

Calvin Soo KJ said...

kikey, glad you liked it. :)

eunice, mr bean IS lame. but funny as well. lol

stp, he's a european ah beng....with style better than ours...hehehe