Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Awards and tags.....

I received this award from Garfield last week.

......and also got awarded/tagged by Josephine

7 things I say more often
1. Good morning
2. I wanna go P.S. (as in Pang Sai)
3. Amen
4. Thanks
5. Cheers
6. Kanasai
7. My boss say ah......

7 things I did before
1. Entered in a Canto Rock Band Competition in KL. Got 4th placing nationwide (sponsored by Guinness)
2. Farted in public
3. Dig my nose in public
4. Say "I Love You" to my wife in public
5. Wore my underwear inside out
6. Pissed in public swimming pool
7. Ate 2 large pizza by myself and head on to no. 2

7 things I do now
1. I still fart in public
2. I still dig my nose in public (when nobody's watching)
3. Still in the same ol band which has no future of making a record
4. Eat 2 packet of instant noodle at any one time
5. Yam char session at Meng Yong Restaurant with my close buddy Low Giong (who is also my bassist)
6. Still the drummer for my church
7. Still working in the same shitty place

7 things I wanna do
1. I wanna try to fart in KLCC, where there are the most people....hehehe
2. Play in a gig with Adibah Noor and Sheila Majid
3. Go to Disneyland (the original one ar...)
4. Go for a Europe trip for a month with my family
5. Buy a superbike (...with at least 850cc)
6. Get my very own super duper drum set (Yamaha ones of course!!)
7. Go and have coffee now.

7 things that attracts me about the opposite sex
1. Hair must be preferably black and long (original colour and no dyeing)
2. Must have sparkling white teeth
3. Must not have bad breath
4. Natural beauty and not covered up in thick powder like a dead zombie
5. No "ketiak" smell
6. Must have some sense of Ah Lians please!!! (not all expensive stuff can make you fashionable, even the cheap ones can do)
7. Honesty

7 favourite food (this one 7 not enuff lar)
1. Any Japanese stuff
2. Any Italian stuff
3. Any French stuff
4. All of my mom's cooking - must be Baba Nyonya ones lar
5. All of my wife's cooking (...ahem!!)
6. Kemaman's Nasi Kukus with extra large Chicken drumsticks...(cost only RM3.50) - a must try
7. Anything edible as long as I dont get tummy upset....I very chinchai one. :)


suituapui said...

4. All of my mom's cooking - must be Baba Nyonya ones lar
5. All of my wife's cooking (...ahem!!)

You scared ur wife doesn't layan u lah hor? Hahahahahahaha!!!

cleffairy said...

Ahahahaha... stp... not scared she dun layan him lah... he sayang her ma... :-P or issit scared get rotan? LOL.

Pete said...

Ha Ha, next time I meet you I will not walk behind you lorrr!

lcfu said...

ps is pangsai? not bangsai?

chrisau said...

hmmm...... make sure no noise when u fart in public .... heheh..

garfield said...

I am glad to see the pizza award is shown in this post

Josephine said...

U get so many tags and awards.
Means ur blog is cool...

Calvin Soo KJ said...

stp, no lar. my wife's cooking boleh tahan. sometimes a lil bit salty, sometimes too sweet. got room for improvement. she dont layan me, i dont layan her lor....hehehehe

clef, you said it rite. love, love love...:)rotan sounds a lil sm-ish...*slaps* wuds my name xxxxx....hahahaha

pete, front or back, my kentut got aiming one. see who's my victim for the day.... lol

lcfu, ps or bs also same thing. also go toilet for "deposit"..heheh

chrisau, got silencer. that's the best...the smelliest. make dunno lar...lmao

garfield, yaya. i almost forgot about it. too busy last week. im in the making of my own award to give out. stay tuned. :)

josephine, same-same with you. :)