Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Acknowledgement to my fellow bloggers....

Before this, I have never heard of blogging. Maybe it's coz I'm lame, outdated, "orang kampung"...ever since I've started to blog in June this year, I've made many new cyber friends. Many gave opinions.....gave suggestions...made blabbers (comments) and I grew fond of them. These days, I cannot even go to sleep without reading their posts.
Today is my 98th posting. It should 100 before this Christmas...hopefully. This post is to acknowledge their friendship in the cyber world. I have not met anyone in person yet, prayerfully....I will. Maybe, we should organise a get to gather somewhere in KL and have a jolly good time......curi (steal) the idea from Nuffnang and Advertlets....hehehehe. These are some of my blogger kaki-s that I frequent :-
Cleffairy - A kindred spirit who is so passionate in writing. Her posts sometimes smack you right and left.....and leave you to ponder. kinda like a lil sister that I've always wanted.
Pete - A foodie blogger who cooks great food (although I have not tasted any..hehehe) and share jokes at times too.
Eugene - A dedicated husband and father who blogs about his passion for family togetherness and close bonding....you're my idol bro.
Zarni - My colleage and a Tiger Woods wannabe......bro you still suck at golfing.....hahahaha
Garfield - An IT specialist who blogs on techie stuff....and once in a while, kutuk some people (which makes him all the more exiting)
Jason - A reporter and photographer who share almost the same insight as yours truly....maybe due to our sizes...lol
Lam Ching Fu - A hunk who loves to chare on his travel experiences around the globe....girls, he is one handsome bloke, want his phone no? You have to ask him, coz I dont...heheheh
Kevin - Also a dedicated husband and father who blogs on Malaysian politics and Manchester United....booo!!!! (:P)
Suituapui laotze - A retired teacher who loves to blog about food, food and food....which is why I cannot tahan not to read...lol
Bridge - A pretty lady from the States who blog about interesting site from the US of A. I think she's a Hawaian......Bridge, check?
CC - A photography blogger who shares beautiful poems besides taking absolutely stunning photographs. She changes the dullest items into interesting ones.... :)
Celine - A pretty gal who works for the press (I think) who loves to shop and of course, her Honey B.
Eunice - An awarded Singaporean blogger who blogs about travelling, what you see is what you get......she also has another blog on funny pictures at ieatmushroom. Go check it out!!!
Jo - Currently pursuing her dentistry, this cute lass blogs about her daily rantings and nite out with her friends and family. She blogs from her toilet bowl too.....lol
Josephine - A pretty Malaysian lady working in Singapore, blogs on working life and her visits to various sites in Singapore. Also on Singaporean food.....*drools*
Lisa - Another gorgeous lady who blogs on daily life, the ups and downs and answering questions from her "friend"......he just cant stop asking questions, can he?
Ai-Ling - A dedicated teacher, wife and mother who blogs on her daily life, particularly her little heroes..
Amie - This one hails from KK and is one tough gal. She blogs on personal life, a photographer as well.
Reana - A working mother who dedicates her life in the office and at home, raising 3 children on her own. She's an example for all to follow.....God bless you, Reana.
Roses - This cute lassy is pursuing Pharmaceutical. She sells drugs but not an addict...hehehe. But sudah lama didnt update. Usually would check out thru Facebook.
Ruth - My lil sister from church who is now back in KL. Blogs about food and travelling. Was nominated in Food Buzz......wei, biler mau kahwin??
Elfie - A loud lady.....when I say loud, I mean loud. She speaks her mind and I respect that. Love it when she kutuks the govt. Direct hit, left and right. you go girl!!
Kikey Loo - A Malaysian student studying in the States. Blogs on her daily life, travelling ans sightseeing throughout US.
Chris - Another handsome bloke, who is an air steward. Travels around the globe and I am so, so, so, so jealous. He usually blogs in Chinese....being a banana chinese, I would usually read his readers' comments and add some of my own. Shame...shame....
Greg - The Richard Gere of Malaysia....blogs on everything under the sun...hahaha.
Chrisau - Another Malaysian working in Singapore......blogs on, everything under the sun too...hahaha.
Many thanks for your encouragements, sharings and jokes. You all made my day.....EVERYDAY!! God Bless.....


lcfu said...

yeah blogging really changes my life =) i have been meeting a lot of friends from all walk of life, all over the world... :) wish you could find the true friendship here with you bloggers
anyway thanks for visiting my blog,its nice to have you as one of my readers~~~

Jasonmumbles said...

Happy 100th man. When you want to give me your handphone number?

Anonymous said...

Oooooo I din realize I am THAT scary. LMAO...hmmm... actually, dear visitors of Calvin's blog, I admire Calvin very much for his devotion to his wife as well as his unshaken faith towards God. =.= A good guy, I must say, and like him, he's like an elder brother that I never have. (though I suspect that if I have an elder brother, I would probably drive him nuts with my rants... LOL)^-^y

Calvin Soo KJ said...

lcfu, no prob bro.

jason, not yet 100th lar. anyways, my hp no. is 0179029123. anyone reading this comment, can save my no. but dont go calling me late night lor. otherwise, my wife will bising...hehehehe

clef, wah. you say so much good thing about me, have to belanja you makan d. i'll be in kl this coming thurs till sat for xmas shopping with rachel. maybe can meet up for late supper.....cheers

Anonymous said...

Tenkiu...tenkiu!!! So honoured to be shortlisted in conjunction with your 100th post award list! Hahahahahahaha!!! Like SRK...get datuk lah me! LOL! I've met a number of bloggers and I do hope we can get to meet someday.

Anonymous said...

This coming Sat ah? Hmm, can, can, where are you shopping at? I'll ask my husband.. whahaha... u say wan ahh, u belanja. LMAO... ajak pete out la, *grinZ* *looks around for Pete* that feller knows nice place to eat.... :-P

Oh, yalorr... now that Stp mentioned it, really sounds like Khan khan award. LMAO... oh, Knight me baby!

Calvin Soo KJ said...

stp, you not yet datuk meh?...hahahaha.

clef, you sound horny lar....lol

Anonymous said...

thx for mentioning my name

looking forward to celebrate ur 100th post soon

Calvin Soo KJ said...

garfield, another 2 more to go.....cheers

Malaysian Joe said...

Ahh... am honored to be named in your blog.. :). Happy Century!

Anonymous said...

Of course not...I'm so young, how to be datuk? Hahahahahahaha!!!

zarni said...

six month already? why u still sucks?

Kikey Loo said...

basically, i am an Au Pair. (^.^)

Calvin, this is so nice to know you. When I go back Malaysia, will date n ur wife to yam cha.. :)

Calvin Soo KJ said...

mjoe, you deserved more bro :)

stp, hahahaha. sooner or later you will be.. :P

zarni, wei!!! siapa yang tolong nko setup blog nko.....kang aku delete blog nko baru hang tau!!! hehehehe

kikey, looking forward to it...cheers and god bless..

eugene said...

wa wa, domo arigato,thank you so much for making me your cyber friend truly appreciate it. may be this group of cyber friends of yours will be very famous in local blogging scene, shall we all make this a reality,,,,,,?

You recommend me i recommend you, in no times Calvin Soo will be famous like mad hahahah, think and grow rich .

Calvin Soo KJ said...

eugene, aiya...no need become famous. but increase in traffic is a good thing, can learn and share life's experience with others. no need to become the next kenny sia, xiaxue....very mah-fan. if can make money....then Thank God lor....hahaha

Anonymous said...

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Calvin Soo KJ said...

cristina, thanks for hopping in my humble blog. do drop by often and drop some comments. really appreciate it. cheers and god bless.....

Josephine said...

So glad to see my name there!

Calvin Soo KJ said...

jo, you deserved it mah....cheers

CeLiNe MooK said...

Awww, you called me a pretty gurl. I am so grateful :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Ai-Ling said...

hi there, calvin. whoa...i saw my name there in ur list. thanks for hopping over to my blog once in a while. been checking out ur blog, too :D

peteformation said...

Hi Calvin, Thks for the acknowledgement. I am glad that I met a few good friend too like you from blogging. Cheers!

Calvin Soo KJ said...

celine, pretty what......i wont say things that i dont mean you know....hehehehe. biler mau kahwin? next year more expensive.

ai-ling. you're most welcome. my wife have been checking out your blog as well. wanna become the mother you are.....heheheh

pete, actually i got my traffic moving from you. got lots to thank you from...... :)

Anonymous said...

wow...im in the list too!! This motivates me to blog more... other topics to come besides food... :)

Lisalicious said...

yeah he just can;t seem to stop questioning!