Sunday, January 11, 2009

Kopi anybody??

This week has been harvardous....methaphorically speaking. I was busy with work and my Celcom broadband wasn't functioning as it always have. It turned out that the blardy modem went kaputt and I had to search hi and low for the warranty card, since it has not been a year old. Anyways, Zarni and I went marketing to Kemaman and Kerteh last Thursday. I got the chance to test drive his Latio on the way back (got it after his car got stolen).....and to sum up, the car was excellent. A lil shaky when speeding, but generally....ok. Back to subject in mind. As earlier mentioned, both of us went ponteng-ing to Kemaman and we stopped by the feh-mus Hai Peng Kopitiam for breakfast. We didnt had much for breakfast, just sipping our Kopi-O and Zarni had their Nasi Dagang. Some shots of the site :-

The former small Hai Peng is now a Sdn Bhd....

.....home made kaya juga ada

The types of kopi can have yours with or without sugar

Jalan-jalan Cari Makan was also here.....

................this is the taukeh. :)

For lunch, we met up with Kemaman's Assistant Br Manager and hanged out at a simple but nice restaurant at the bus station, called Restoran Bas duh!! What else would you name the place if not for the place itself. They had various kind of Malay dishes, but their specialty is Sup Tulang. We had those for lunch.


....the must have Sup Tulang

Zarni giving a thumbs up

......and by the way, in appreciation to my loyal readers and commentors, I would like to give away some items as a token of gratitude for sticking with my blabbering these past few months. And yes, I'm copying Kikey coz I have no idea, and I have a low IQ, and I have stomach ache now.....*shitty*. Alrighty then, for the 1st 5, pls leave your home addresses in my mail and await your gifts.....Ciao!!


GregChai said...

oh my, the sup tulang bro.... it's like i can reach out and taste it yummmy !

suituapui said...

GregChai's from KK, rite or not? Wonder if it's nicer than the ngui chap there! very nice!!! Fuyoh...RM1.20 for nasi lemak! Small banana leaf bungkus one eh? Here at least double the price one plate!

Roses said...

what happen??
u are trying to test who is the first few to read your blog. hehehe..
u seriously giving away gifts huh??
what's your mail? i want pressie..

sup tulang? did u suck the concoction in the middle of bones?

Anonymous said...

I oso want pressie, though I prefer to be fed... LMAO... owez make me drool nia... =.=

So you've been busy, huh... like me oso... life almost got me stressful these days. LOL... but as busy as you are, see you still got time to go makan makan... LOL.

Anyway, i like the first picture. The clock look so ancient, sooooo nice!

Josephine said...

The tau keh nioh really got lady boss look!

zarni said...

i need to make it clear to everyone that the kemaman trip was actually not a marketing trip but more on kopitiam visit and testing on the new ride. ha. ha. For those who lucky enuf to get gooddies from calvin, be prepare coz we are going to kota baharu for next outing.... more goodies to come!!!! (bro, i'll make u bankrupt this time around!!)

Anonymous said...

the sup tulang looks damn good man!

eugene said...

hi bro, just want to wish you a great week ahead, and take care,will be bac visiting

Calvin Soo KJ said...

un greg, stp, roses, clef and josephine.....congrats. pls leave your address at my

ungreg, it was delicious indeed. i wanted to have a second helping. but malu lar....summore, other people paying.,hehehehe.

stp, most of the malay cuisine/food here is relatively cheap. btw, the nasi lemak served here comes with fish rather than the normal ikan bilis and sambal.

roses, i did the sucking, much to my colleague's amusement...hehehehe

clef, got stress better than no job :) work hard, kena makan oso....otherwise, pengsan lor... :)

josephine, yalor....quite garang summore :P

zarni, too much detail already...hehehehe. gotto keep it low, bro.. :)

eugene, you have a marvellous week ahead too bro.

PureGlutton said...

Aiyarr...think i'm too late to get the prezzie hoh??

Calvin Soo KJ said...

pureglutton, a lil bit too late. stay tuned. i'll be heading to kb next. got better prezzies to give away.....hehehehe