Friday, January 2, 2009

Ever wondered if this was done in long will they last??

These are some of the bus stops in Europe and Japan. Clean, tidy, cute and most inviting. I think some of them were air-conditioned too.

and last but not least.....our very own. Can't blame the govt for not wanting to build bus stops like the ones above. I cannot help but imagine the condition it will be in just 10 minutes.....but I guess, curiosity kills a cat.....Malaysians are like toddlers. The more you say you can't do this, you can't do that......the more they would do it.

Now to "lari" topic a lil bit......
Since it has been 2 days in 2009, what is your new year's resolution? Or rather, do you have a resolution? Will 2009 be just another year? Will there be achievements or progresses that you aimed for? Or maybe you have saved enough money to purchase the dream house you've been drooling for the past year? Or you've mustered up all your guts to say "Hey, I like you, why dont we go out for lunch" the girl next door? Well, I have.....and the list has got no end. I was drowning myself with thoughts and pondered, how the hell am I going to achieve all of my resolutions in 365 days. The clock is ticking and 2 days have now gone by. After banging my head against my bedroom wall, and having my mom grumbling and fussing over the noise that I made, I made a 5 items list (actually it was 10 but decided to scrap out some due to pening-ness!!)
1. I want a raise in salary. How do I go about that??? Work harder than ever and prove to my boss that.....I CAN DO IT!!
2. I need a new car!! Yup, I didnt get my new car. It was supposedly to be either a Honda Jazz or an Impul....but my economics didnt add up. But I guess, there's always a blessing in disguise. The all new Honda City is now my ream car. Tried and doubt a much better built machine as compared to its latter.
3. I need to save more. Not that Ive been spending all my blood earned savings, but since I'm planning on item 4......
4. I want to start my own family.....Calvin junior to be exact. Rachel and I have been discussing this even before we were married. It's important to plan and to think a step ahead before executing. The baby would be taking more than half our salaries every month. We have got to cut our spendings and time to be with him/her. I would even have to sell my DSLR......nooooooo!!!!!!! We even have names for them. Me, being the "banana" of the family got the Christian names and am proud of it.....3 Es,.....Elisha (for a baby girl), Ezekiel, Elijah. 3 names that you can find in the Good Book.
5. I need to spend more time with God. For the past years, I have been neglecting my daily prayer. I didn't even read the Good Book. time!!! What a load of bull!! I spent half my free time playing PS3, watching DVDs, going out for supper and movies....but I put Him aside in one small corner. And I know that God has been calling me to come back to Him ever since. He gave me many signs, and yet I ignored Him. Last Christmas I made my commitment to be closer to Him in prayers and the Bible, to be involved in youth works in and around Kuantan. He knows my heart....and let His will be done.


Ai-Ling said...

hi there, calvin. still not too late to wish u happy new year 2009, right? :D

anyway, may 2009 be a great year for u...hope to hear that u already have an Elisha (i like this name) or Ezekiel or Elijah or better still all the 3 E's by the time 2010 comes knocking on the door :)

Pete said...

Bro, have to 'chia yu', work harder (at night I mean) to have your Calvin jr. LOL

cleffairy said...

That's right! Must not blog and nite anymore and tempt us with your roasted lamb leg la, Calvin. *grinZ* Must go tempt Rachel so that you can have all 3 E soon. LOL.

*waves to Ah Sou* Jia you! LOL.

Celine Mook said...

Those bus stop with air cond ah? Totally tak boleh in Malaysia lah!! We have so many talented artists here to "beautify" them!! Not to mention those vandalism lor!!

suituapui said...

Good luck with number 4! Hurry! Hurry! A few months later...and you'll get a tiger baby instead! Fierce hor!

reanaclaire said...

pst..pst... shake hand with u la.. i also more or less put God aside..*very shameful* but the important thing is, what r we going to do about it? when will we start putting God in the centre again? come on..come on.. alright, Lord forgive us..we hv been distracted many umpteen times and yet we r still swaying..
God is forgiving, yes, we need to spend some quiet moments, let us start tonight, its now or always never..
When i read that u lost yr father at the age of 7, i think of my own kids.. they were 9, 6 and 3 respectively when they lost theirs.. esp for my girl, she couldnt even remember at all, only pics remain.
Well, I believe there is a reason we dont need to know now, but what we can do is just trust in God and He will pull us through.. right?
Look at u, leng chai wai mang... haha.. He is good all the time!

GregChai said...

bro, it's almost midnight i hope you are not blog hopping tonight hehehe don't angry ah i play-play only

love the bus stand photos

chrisau said...

are these real bus stops?
hmm..i've been searching for a name for my baby's girl in the Bible but can't find any one I like till I stumble on yours. Elisha looks good..
btw, go and achieve your goals!!!

amoker said...

Honda City is very good. Very seng iu. I am using the older version and the engine is very good. save me precious $$ in my travel.

Best wishes to ur new year.

Calvin Soo KJ said...

ailing, *panting* have to go overtime every night lor like that.... :P


clef, why no waving at me... :P

celine, yalor. that's why we have too many "great" artists, our govt decided to let them be lor....draw lar all you want. as long as it's not the govt building...

stp, *wipes sweat* fiiuuuuu!!!!

reana, amen to that.

greg, i blog hop 24/7. even in the office...hehehehe. but work, must work lar. else, people say gaji buta, duduk terkangkang je...hehehe

chrisau, cannot copy ar?

amoker, and the styling and bodyline is absolutely tempting...*drools* best wishes to you too bro... :)


My priority goes like this:
1)salary raise
2)family raising
4)car, maybe. depends on the place of work.

Sounds like the lack of piousness, but with a salary raise, we can do more to donate to the needy, raise the family, appreciate God more, etc etc.

I got to go. Your closeup shots on food is making me hungry.

Calvin Soo KJ said...

resident, glad my pictures are affecting you too :) cheers and god bless... :)