Friday, January 16, 2009

An encouragement for you..


If in my own strength I wage war victory is not won,
I’ll come home for relief with many things undone.
Boasting of selfish gains,
yet sapped of all my strength,
wearied in my days and life shortened in its length.
When tensions do build and peace from me does flee,
quickly must I acknowledge this is not of Christ, but me.
I must turn my feet and make haste to go,
to the One who has power to forgive and to show.
The path I must take is one of humility and grace,
for only when His power fills can I victoriously run the race.
God will not fill me until of self am I freed,
then and only then will the Lord take the lead.
My heart, mind and soul before God being stilled,
my emptiness the preparation for by God being filled.
My boasting must be of my weakness before God,
seeing eternal as the foundation for all praise, honor and laud.
I fight daily in the world against a tireless evil foe,
save for emptying of self there will be no victory I’ll know.
A sense of my own weakness must ever be,
present in my life for me to be able to see.
Its God’s power in battle, being strong in His might,
as His warrior I march onward in His ever-present light.
It’s only in my weakness can the power of God rest,
engaging in battles that will put me to the test.
My strength must I lay down while this world do I roam,
dwelling only in His power as I walk onward toward home
Given by God to Kim Feezel, Ohio, 2008
(taken from Christian Poems)


lcfu said...

my strength my power =)
cny is coming and its going to rain here as well

cleffairy said...

=( This post reminded me that I have been straying from God. Perhaps sometimes I should leave things into God's hand instead of trying to fight everything that's coming my way.

amoker said...

Your strength is from Your power.

Nothing is mine.

Calvin Soo KJ said...

lcfu, raining on cny...frustrating hor :)

clef, we should all rely on God. miracles may happen

amoker, amen.