Monday, January 5, 2009

Jalan-jalan.....cari makan

Ruth was back in Kuantan last 26th the gang (my family lar) brought her to Specky Guy Seafood Restaurant, Jalan Beserah for dinner. And as always, yours truly has the urge to make his readers drool....especially Cleffairy....hehehe. I can't remember the names of the dishes. I only paid for them and we had a jolly good time together.


The "gang".... :P


I think this is tofu.... :P


Eggs with oyster


.....something chicken


some greens....


and more greens.....


and not to forget, the crabs. There were two crab dishes. Only managed to shoot on one as I was busy stuffing myself with the other... :)


Ruth and Aaron


Pete said...

The crab I think is cooked with sweet soya sauce. The chicken looks good, a bit like onion chicken in one of the restaurant I ate before. Lots of good food, you guys had! Yummy!

cleffairy said...

EVIL! You are pure evil!!!!! =.= crab is not in season, now you got me wanting it! =.= die loorrrrrr... now die die also i anna go hunt some crabs to cook... T_T

Calvin Soo KJ said...

pete, yup. it was delish. the other we had was butter crab

clef, *evil grin*

Shinky said...

Wah.. Your photos look so tempting. *Drools~*

amoker said...

whoa... so hungry now... its diinner and have to drive back to KL.

My fav crab dish now is salt and pepper. so heavenly delicious.

GregChai said...

bro, you sure know how to make the food looks delicious, i want the crab too oh no, i'm hungry already.

suituapui said...

You didn't say how much you paid! I thought Kuantan flooding, u belum hanyut kah? Hahahahahaha!!!! Fat floats on water, remember?

Celine Mook said...

Wei, what do u mean by "I think this is tofu" ???
You can't recognise tofu ah? hahaha :D

Kikey Loo said...

oh my.. the crab look so yummy!! i miss crab..

reanaclaire said...

hey..u bloggers met up? a few of us tot of meeting up too.. ladies only. sorry..hehe

PerutBesi said...

Wah, bruder...simply put my photo big & clear some more...tsk tsk tsk...thanks loads for the dinner :) Had a wonderful time with u all...miss u all LOADS!!! *hugs to u, Rach, & the family!!*

Calvin Soo KJ said...

shinky, more to come. prepare the bucket :P and thanks for dropping by...cheers

amoker, yeah. simple and delish.

un greg, the wonders of photoshop...hehehe

stp, i paid less than 200 bucks. and that's for 10 adults and 2 children. really, really cheap.. :)

celine, i only eat. couldnt care less about the ingredients...hehehe. as long as its edible and no stomach crampy...:)

kikey, dont they have crabs in the states...or was it craps...hehehehe, just joking. im sure you can have some there, but should be mighty expensive.

reana, actually ruth was in kuantan studying before. she was with my church before going back to kl for work.

ruth, no prob sis. glad you enjoyed the dinner. come down more often. found out a new place. got me drooling just thinking of it. :) god bless

Josephine said...

Your photo shooting skill is so GENG!
U know y?
Photo of tofu, but doesnt look like tofu. Photo of chicken, but tak macam chicken!
BTW, nice photos...

Calvin Soo KJ said...

jo, geng ler.... :P

Agnes Sim said...

OMG..i'm soooo hungry rite now! Waiting for my lunch time. ;-)

Calvin Soo KJ said...

agnes....dont bite off your pc *wink* :)