Thursday, December 3, 2009

Typo errors.....can be very dangerous!!

A daughter sent a telegram to her father on passing her B.Ed exams, which the father received as "Father, your daughter has been successful in BED."

A husband, while on a business trip to a hill station sent a telegram to his wife "I wish you were here."
The message received by the wife was "I wish you were her.."

A man wanted to celebrate his wife's Birthday by throwing a party. So he ordered a birthday cake. The salesman asked him what message he wanted put on the cake.He thought for a moment and said, put "Getting older but you are getting better".
The salesman asked "How do you want me to put it?"
The man said 'Well...put "You are getting older" at the top and "But you are getting better" at the bottom."
When the cake was unveiled at the party all the guests were aghast at the message on the cake.
It reads "You are getting older at the top, but you are getting better at the bottom"

So.....the moral of these stories are :-
1. Double proof read everything before you send.
2. Don't trust others to write it right for you.
3. Don't order cakes by telephone.


KimberlyMay said...

LOL! these things better do it on your own.

reanaclaire said...

will take a long while to explain..

Calvin Soo KJ said...

@kimberlymay, you said it right....hehehe

@reanaclaire, sis.....takut before explain sudah kena sunat liao....hahahaha :P

junsern said...

haha good one! couldnt agree more!

chrisau said...

finally your jokes are back on your blog...bro. keep it up!!

Kelvin said...

lol, i like the 1st one haha:D

Anonymous said...

Wah! *piangz* bro... you just made me laugh like a donkey. Thank you so much for sharing. *grinz* Hey, I miss ya and your missus la... lol.. long time bo chat liao!

*shits, I still can't stop laughing* when you wanna bawak Rach dahhhlingg go happy hour wif me ah? LOL...u nonid scared wan, I wun corrupt her mind wan la! I very sayang her wan!

Aiks... Mama Claire oso your sis ah?*grinz* We have a HUGE family over here. =D

Btw, bro... actuallyk, i should thx those blokes who makes errors lidday, cuz else, i'll be out of my job as editor! LMAO! (I go read again...tis is going to be one of my fav post on the www, along with Pete's legendary papaya entry!)

Anonymous said...

good man!
long time din see u post this kind of jokes already

Calvin Soo KJ said...

@junsern, glad you liked it :)

@chrisau, hahahaha.....i'll post some once in a while. i reckon too many of my photography and you guys'll vomit....lolz.

@kelvin, that was my favourite too... :P

@clef, hahahahaa. oh my sis!!! :) i takut you're not the one going to corrupt her...its terbalik then cham lor.....lolz. i reckon i wont be able to make it to kl this coming xmas coz got tonnes of wedding jobs to do. maybe early next year. will call you... :)

@garfield, yaya....hahaha. my mrs encouraged me to post coz my blog was getting kinda boring with my photography. will post more in my coming entries :)

Anonymous said...

*grinz* Rach and I same age wan, you know? LOL...luv her to bits. She's just older than me by a few month. She's so easygoing. She rocks! LOL...been a long time since I chat with someone like her.

Early next year ah? Den must panggil Pete oso so that we can eat for free...LMAO and Mama Claire... and who else ah? Lemme tink first!

Btw, how is Bigdaddy doing? Long time no news about him ah...