Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Alvin & Jocelyn Wedding Day

It was a long and tiring weekend for me. Woke up at about 8.30am for a pre wedding shoot for my photographer/buddy till about 4.30pm. And then back home to charge the batteries for an event shoot @ NZ Wheels, Ktn for their launching of the new Merc from 6.30pm till about 10.30pm. Had my dinner at 10.45pm and chatted with my buddies @ Old Town Kopitiam, Star City till about 11.30pm......and then rushed back home again to charge the batteries for a wedding day shoot @ Sg Jerek, Maran at 3.00am. Yup.....3am in the morning for a wedding day shoot. I bet many pro wedding photographers have not done this before. Well....I had. And it was quite an experience.

Though my head was coaxing me to go to sleep during the journey but I managed to get a hold of myself by reminding that this was a job. My clients are paying me for this. Everything ended at about 11.00am. But then I rushed to church for my solo act of praise which I thought had ended half an hour earlier. Neways, I got home at about 2.00pm, took my bath and slept till 7.00pm. Had dinner at 7.30pm and rushed back home to do the slideshow for Alvin's dinner the next day. So.....I had an enjoyable weekend, how about you??? :P


chrisau said...

u need more coffee bro!

Calvin Soo KJ said...

@chrisau, ya....i know :(