Monday, December 14, 2009

Concept Photoshoot

I was getting kinda bored with the normal makeup style with my weekend modeling shoot, so I requested my wife to do something slightly different but not exaggerated. Something simple to compliment the bone structures of the model. So Rachel came up with the idea to use yellow and black against my ocean blue backdrop and the end result was simple yet effective. Unfortunately, Rachel had to leave after the makeup and so we were stuck with the same makeup against a red backdrop....not pretty. Neways, here are some of my shots that I really liked.










eugene said...

Hello bro,

I got angry with you already lah.... why you sometimes go missing so long, you know you were and still are my good bloggie buddy,you know

Calvin Soo KJ said...

@eugene, hi bro. sorry la.....initially, i wanted to discontinue the blog. little did i know, after ive posted some of my wedding jobs, there were calls come in to check out my charges....hehehehe. so decided to revive it lor. :P