Tuesday, November 11, 2008

RHB Sports Carnival 2008 pictures

From my earlier post, I've mentioned that I would be travelling to Kuala Terengganu to attend the bank's sports carnival. Overall, the trip to KT was fun, having travelled in two separate cars with my other 5 colleagues. We were dead tired when we reached our destination at about 2.15am. Before heading to one of our colleague's home to spend the few hours, we decided to have our early breakfast at one of the stalls. We were laughing, talking cock and kutuk-ing with one another. I took tonnes of photos, but were mostly rubbish. These below are the ok ones......

This was taken in Kerteh, Terengganu. The industrial estate mainly consists of O&G companies from Petronas and TNB's main station that powers the whole of our peninsular. Remember once there was a blackout nationwide? This is the place that screwed us all.... :)

Camwhoring with Mus...also known as "Jawa"

My milo kosong "khaw".

Loga posing as if he's Rajinikhan.....*vomit*

A colleague from Kerteh branch.....

I took a candid shot on our Biz Dev Manager....Pn Adlah

We had these for breakfast..........fried chicken

Fried meehoon

Trying to take a "bokeh" shot.....unsuccessful :(

Our Kuantan team in red....called ourselves The Kuantan Warriors....bah!!!

Contingent from Terengganu in black

Kelantanese in green

Bluish West Pahang-ers

Fauzi and ex branch colleague Jeya...we call him the "Hairy Man"...:)

Kok and Zahimin terkangkang.....lol

Some little fler banging on my drums

Mus and Zarni

.....it was a clear blue sky. But the sun was scorching hot.

Bowling time

This is how you do it when you strike!!!

Camwhore myself again....sobsob. Nobody wants to take for me :(

We stopped by KT's Masjid Terapung for prayers.....picture Mahizan

This fler (Shamzury) also want to pose
We actually had 5 type of sports playing simultaneously. I was in badminton btw.....and I sux baaaaddddd. Kena marah by Loga summore. Teng !!!! Bowling, beach soccer, beach volleyball and netball. Obviously, I didnt manage to take the other shots coz I was busy losing my badminton game. The food was a dissapointment though. Like I mentioned before, it was fun but I was dead tired by the time we reached home in Kuantan (approx 12.30am). I practically crawled for shower, and ended up sleeping in the toilet while "berak-ing". Rachel had to pounce on the toilet door to wake me up.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry about being sux at badminton, Calvin, I sux at it too. I ate shuttle cock when I was in high school... that bloody that flew right into my mouth when I played with my friend! Sedihnya!

Calvin Soo KJ said...

clef, i actually wasnt that bad. can serve, can smash, can do backhand.....even can smash my racket into bits...lol. but i lack in stamina. im quite good with games using my two hands, but im very, very bad with my legs. kaki bangku since i was young. so when people play futsal, i become the keeper. my tummy big enuff to tahan the ball.....hahaha

Anonymous said...

"...im quite good with games using my two hands..." Hahahahahaha!!! True or not, Rachel?

zarni said...

dude, Thank god other region sux too!! You are not only sux in badminton but other games too. Btw, i already banned you and loga to represent our region for any kind of sport in the future!!!!

Calvin Soo KJ said...

stp, *thinking dirty* hehehehe

zarni, then dont come looking for me to become emcee in the future too.....try asking si pendek to do it :P

Josephine said...

The photos are really OK lor.

Anonymous said...

hey,i'm rachel here....
suituapui,my darling really good in sport by using his 2 hands....haha

zarni,dare u tell that to my husband..???haha..u will die under his ketiak...

Anonymous said...

hey,i'm rachel here....
suituapui,my darling really good in sport by using his 2 hands....haha

zarni,dare u tell that to my husband..???haha..u will die under his ketiak...

Calvin Soo KJ said...

josephine, thanks.

dear, aik!!! my darling's comment. heheheh. have to be careful not to "tok-pui-cheak" about rachel....hahahaha

zarni said...

ha! ha!!
Rach, you should see loga's face when he cursed your husband when your husband tried to do one kind of jump smash for "bola tanggung". the funny was, he smashed it in his own court!!!!.We laughed like mad!!!! ha ha

Calvin Soo KJ said...

zarni...cis!!!! i want to see you playing badminton as well. takut2 nko termakan shuttlecock...lol