Monday, November 24, 2008

Burned out

I am exhausted....burned out. Pancake flat. No time, no time.......*sigh*
This week will be a havoc. I will have to see my customers non stop, try to get their investments before month end, settle their forex contracts, get new customers for next years, maintain the old ones, try to extertain the fussy ones, cut out those "celakak" ones, visit branches to see how they're doing, report to my boss in KL.......walaue, robot also will go short circuit.
Yesterday, after church I slept for almost 5 hours straight. I got up feeling dizzy after all the sleeping, read some photography magazines, played on my PS3, watched TOTO live concert on DVD, skipped dinner....slept again for 3 hours. Woke up at 10.00pm and called my buddy Lee for "yum-char" session, went home before 12.00am and slept again till this morning. Why so hectic one ar this fler?
And then I thought for a while..........Rachel was not beside me. She was in Kemaman as both her sisters were home from KL. Missed her "ketiak" and hair smell.....feeling agitated whenever she's not here with me, feeling all sensitive and blur. Will be fetching my darling back after work.....yeahooooo!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Liar! Liar! You pancake flat? Impossible! Hahahahahaha!!! " some photography magazines..." True or not? I'm sure you meant pornographic! ROTFLMAO!!!

Calvin Soo KJ said...

stp....hahahaha. just a figure of speech only i had some porn mags years before. that time baru "berkokok". :P now no more lar. i tend to get sleepy just by flipping a few pages....all the same, only different colour....lmao

Roses said...

miss rachel's ketiak smell..that part got me rolling...=P

Anonymous said...

rachel here sweet of u...i din't know u miss me that much (cause i'm quite enjoy in Kemaman,sorry dear..)love u darling...XOXO

Anonymous said...

easy man..... the week will pass soon!

Anonymous said...

*points up* There you go, your wife misses you too... LMAO...*waves* Hi Rachel... :-P

Raynebow said...

Wow... u really can sleep, lol! Wish i can sleep like that. Well, Sundays are meant to be lazy, right? :P

Calvin Soo KJ said...

roses, luckily rachel's ketiak no sour smell. otherwise, kiau liao. :)

dear, aik? when you comment ar? hehehehe

chrisau, just cant wait.

clef, still miss her ketiak. lol

raynebow, its one of god's instruction on the sabbath. no work...just sleep. lol

Josephine said...

sound really really busy.
Take good care friend.
Coming down to KL, good, hunt for good food then.