Saturday, March 27, 2010

Before & After Portraiture Shots

Many of my fellow photogs did ask me this question. Why portraiture? Why does a structure of the human bone fascinates me? Easy question to understand, but hard for me to explain, personally. Let me just put it this can imitate a structure of a building, you can imitate and build a landscape, but you can never imitate the bone structure of a human being or its character. One may undergo the excrutiating pain in plastic surgery and look like Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie, but you can never be Brad Pitt or AJ. Each one of us are unique in our own way. That is what I like to capture. The person and his or her character will be reflected on print, and it can be cherished for a lifetime.

Post processing...... as to whether one should or should not enhance a picture, is for each individual photographer's own choice. Personally, there is no right or wrong to this issue. The most important thing is, so long your customer gives the thumbs up, then you're doing your job right. Let me end here with this before and after shots processed using on Adobe's Lightroom 2 software. Cheers and happy weekend :)




smallkucing said...

Hi! Coming to your blog thru Cleff

Lovely blog. :)

ChrisAu said...

very cheem! complicated...
better focus on mu-chelsea match tomorrow.

Arif said...

I LIKE this one :)