Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Nurul & Ika

We were busy gathering as many in house models as we can for this month. All this while, we managed to gather around 6 models, all of which are Chinese. But what if our customers require Malay models? Spray paint their bodies into golden brown? But since our typical Chinese feature has "mata-sepet" instead of "mata-kucing", it will be kinda hard to bluff em, dun you think? So, searching long and hard, perspiring blood instead of sweat, we managed to recruit 2 Malay cuties namely, Nurul and Ika (we can also call her Ikea....lolz). Although they are newbies, but I bet many of our customers would want them on their catalogues.

So, lo and behold...........










.......and of course, my darling Rachel was their makeup artist :)



Anonymous said...

*hargs* miss ya bro... wahhhh... so many hotchics ahhh! =D How is Rach doin? Been ages since I've talked to her.

Hey... waitta minute... did Pete sms you and tell you I missed you or sth?

chrisau said...

wah...i like them bro... i like.... *slurp*

reanaclaire said...

hahaa...chris au, i tell yr wifey.. slurp some more..
calvin, my malay colleague is also a part time model..and she wears daringly too.. :)

chrisau said...

pretty stuffs must be appreciated...reana... :P

Calvin Soo KJ said...

@clef, missed you too sis. nope, pete didnt sms me? :)

@chrisau, lolz.

@reana, can introduce your colleague
to me....then me and chris can slurp together....lolz

@chrisau, agreed :P even when it means you'll have bruises everywhere after your wife tortures you....hahahaha

Jia Shin said...

nurul is so sweet i like her :)