Thursday, November 26, 2009

Wedding Jobs....

Damn!!! I'm stressed out. I've got so many things to do, so little time to spare. 2 jobs, 2 shifts...sigh

Now, most of you might know that I've recently opened my very own photography studio together with some close buddies of mine here in small lil Kuantan. In the beginning, biz was slow, and we were direction. Maklumlah, 1st time jadi businessman. So, we were figuring out on how, what, when, which, why.......and so on so forth to run the business. We have bills to pay man!! I've cracked open my head and part of my brain is hollow, empty, nada....kosong. I've got really no idea. Everything seems so blurrish.

And then I thought, why not revive my blog. And post some of my pictures there. It's a free advert ma......Previously, I was blogging about jokes and stuff. None on photography. Plus my url reads......WUDS IN MY BRAINS!!?? Not professional. Sounded like a 3 year old, whose ice cream was stolen by his sister, and he's stomping the ground screaming at the top of his voice in public, humiliating his parents.

So, I've changed the url to calvinsoophotography. It's still on blogspot coz I'm a "kedekut" person. I'm a portraiture and wedding events photographer, so you will hardly see any landscape shots....or macro for that matter. So, every once in a while, you'll have the chance to see my modelling shoots both indoors and outdoors, some weddings that I took etc etc etc. And my biz is on Facebook. Click here to join us. Needless to say, after reviving this business have improved tremendously. I have wedding jobs now every month (both local and overseas....Singapore counted overseas or not ar??). I have modelling profile shoot every week. And our studio rentals are packed. So much so, that one of my partners had to resign from his previous employment and is now full time manning the studio.

This, I'd have to thank God and of!!!!

Cheerio boys and gals.....stay tuned for more of my shoots. Coming up soon.........lingerie shoot with 4 top models. :)


chrisau said...

well done bro!! Look forward to see more 'leng lui' pics from ya in facebook.

reanaclaire said... the time my kids get married, your fees will be sky high.. hey, remember me, calvin.. remember our pact..hahaha....

kenwooi said...

hey so cool..
all the best ya!
take care and be happy at what you're doing! =D

Calvin Soo KJ said...

chrisau, hahahaha. there's more to come. stay tuned bro! :)

reanaclaire, a promise is a promise. i wont charge you too high. about 10k per session...lolz. just kidding. :P

kenwooi, i'm always happy go lucky person. sometimes, too much of a good thing is not good...hehehehe. thanks bro!! :)