Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Polin @ Silhouette Studio & Gallery

Time does fly.......and it has been a month since we're launched the opening of my studio. Business was kinda slow, due to the monsoon season. Nevertheless, my project till the end of this year is to have as many model profile shoot as I can for next year's preparation. Modeling jobs in Kuantan has been increasing the past few months, so my partners and I decided to have a cut of the cake as well.

This is Polin. She's a freelance model. We called her in for our catwalk during our launch. She's versatile, has endless posing technique, great body and has that arrogant, cocky look which was what I'm looking for in a model. She has been accepting part time modeling jobs around Kuantan and now she's with us on project basis. Enuff of the intro, let's get to the pictures shall we :)









Pete said...

Wow, Bro, nice girls and nice photos. Good shot man! Now become Pro Photographer already!

chrisau said...

wow... u turning professional already or already one?

Calvin Soo KJ said...

@pete, im not considered a pro yet coz im not full time. :)

@chrisau, nope. cant let go my current job yet. i give myself another year or so... :P

Irenelim said...

Beautiful model and brilliant pics. Do share on your studio setup. :)


Calvin Soo KJ said...

@irene, thanks. i use a simple set up. 2 strobes, left and right 45 degrees angle. the left is the key light whereas the right is used to produce the rim lights :) all shot using manual mode
shutter spd : 1/125
aperture : f 11
ISO : 200