Friday, June 19, 2009

Aikido Dojo......wakarimasen haik!!!!

Due to extreme boredom and addiction to my most passionate hobby, Falee and I headed to an Aikido Dojo located in Semambu. Khairul, one of my buddies as well as a Senior Dojo member invited me weeks before this. Well, actually not to take photos but to try out the martial art itself. Not wanting to break more bones in my body, I decided against trying it out but just to snap away at 'em Aikido freaks breaking bones.....lolz. Here are some of my clicks during the 1 1/2 hour ordeal.... :)










Anonymous said...

nice clear pics!
*kick* =D

reanaclaire said...

Cal... u didnt join them ah? good exercise leh...

Anonymous said...

after see this pics, only i remember that it has been quite some years that i din training in Tang Soo Do.

amoker said...

wow, i see the level of concentration that they are in. where is this dojo again?

Anonymous said...

What are those yellow balls for? You didn't try. Sure pecah! LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Omg... sure pain lah, train liddat! Break a bone la, later... anyway, a gun will always work very well... too bad malaysia hard to get a gun license.

How are you bro? Did you went for the Sepang GT? How was it? take care and keep in touch, k?

eugene said...

the best in getting oneself into any sport will do a lot of good, so bro,dont stop going again,,, may be after six months or so, let us see your new pysique, sure got change one,,,you know

Calvin Soo KJ said...

@kenwooi, thanks bro :)

@reana, wouldnt want my bones to crack and end up in the hospis..lolz. besides, i'm not a sports freak. :P

@garfield, wuds tang soo do?

@amoker, the dojo's in kuantan. wanna join?.. :P

@stp, the ball is not used during their stints. but then again, it wouldnt do no harm to them to try, would it?

@clef, hahahaha. ya...guns would be better off. yup, i was in sepang. and i am officially known now as a "red lobster"...lolz. my arm has three tones of colour due to sunburn. it was a good experience though. :) wouldnt mind doing it again.

@eugene, i went there only to shoot some pictures not training with them. takut end up in the hospital...hahahaha

Anonymous said...

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