Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Model profile - Fatin

January has been a challenging month. With new crazy targets given and daily teleconferencing, it was horrendous. Nevertheless, life goes on. With my photography, I was able to keep myself sane, at least for a while.

Last week, we had another model profile shoot. Fatin was introduced to me by one of my bank customer. It turned out that Fatin was of Malay and Hindustani heritage. A couple of her poses were very Bollywood styled and she looked very much like a Hindustani actress. Love her eyes and features. Her poses were a tad stiff coz modelling is kinda new to her. But with coaching and exposure, I'm sure she'll steal away the crowd with her beautiful looks. Needless to say, her portraits were some of my favourite so far. Enuff with the talking, now on to her pictures :) Enjoy.....







cleffairy said...

Bro... I am not les... can give me nice male model pic to ogle bo? LOL...

chrisau said...

she's got character!

eugene said...

ya man, she sure looks like hindustani actress, ouch ouch hota eh..

ya,you're real good with your camera man,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Calvin Soo KJ said...

@clef, hahahaha. male models coming up very soon. you can save em as your wallpaper and screensaver if you want...kekekek

@chrisau, yup. its mostly the eyyeessssss!!! :P

@eugene, ouch ouch....lolz. thanks bro eugene. im always trying to improve and hone my skills as a photographer :)

Pete said...

Nice shot, Bro. Pretty model too!

Wishing you and your family a Happy & Prosperous Chinese New Year!