Friday, October 23, 2009

Mandy & Friends

Since acquiring some strobe's for our studio, I have been pretty addicted to it. It's a different world all together. Different setups would greatly impact your pictures. For these shots, only 2 strobes were used. The main light was placed on the left of the models with 45 degrees angle while the fill in was on their right. Portrait Professional 9 software was used for the post processing. I must say that this software should be a must for every portrait photographers coz its hassle free and simple to use. Neways, here are my shots. Enjoy :)






reanaclaire said...

Cal..u r very pro la.. did u do some editting on their faces too?

chrisau said...

wow...u r one lucky b*stard who get to snap at the pretty ones , bro!
btw, add my new blog here -

perfectionista said...

nice :) you're good.

Anonymous said...

Your photography skill had improve a lot day by day.

Bravo bro.